10 Foods to Feed Baby Before Age One

10 Foods to Feed Baby Before Age One

Feeding your baby can be tricky. But, knowing what you should feed your baby when they are young will help. There are verity types of food to feed the baby before age one, this article will help you identify which foods are safe and healthy to feed your baby before age one. Specialists recommend feeding children more fruit to help them eat more in the future. Also, you may need to avoid foods that are known to cause allergies.

You should not feed your baby with solid foods before 4 months of age, we recommend consulting your child’s doctor if you plan on changing their diet.

Strawberries, Peaches, Kale, and Lentils

Strawberry smoothies can attract children by their bright colors. Your baby will love the sweet flavor and smooth the texture of pureed peaches, which are healthy because they are loaded with potassium. You should steam and puree kale to make it look more appealing and add some bananas for sweetness. Lentils contain a lot of protein and iron, which provide energy and help transfer oxygen throughout the body.

Onions and Garlic | Food to Feed Baby Before Age One

Onions are a good source of vitamin C, B6, potassium, and folate. While garlic is rich in vitamin C, B6, and calcium. Moreover, onions and garlic have low calories, so they will be ideal to add them to meals for more flavor.

You add a small number of onions, leeks or scallions, and also garlic. This will boost flavor and add a mellow, savory quality to purees and baby meals.

Peanut butter and squash

Experts state that early exposure to nuts could prevent allergies in the future. You should stir the peanuts and add into a puree, make sure it’s not too thick. Please be cautious about the possibility of choking hazards. Squash provides lots of vitamin A, which is essential for growth and development, vision, cell recognition, and immunities. You should mash it and add some flavor to it, like garlic for example.

Iron-rich foods

Iron is an important component in blood cells, which helps transfer oxygen throughout the body.  There are 2 types of iron foods, which are haem and non-haem. You absorb Haem iron more easily and effectively than non-haem iron. Haem iron can be found in meat and poultry, while non-haem iron can be found in eggs and plant foods.

You can also take iron from beef, lamb, and duck. If you prefer plant-based iron sources. You can obtain it from nuts, broccoli, or spinach. The amount of iron intake depends on your age and sex, children aged 1-3 years can take around 9 mg of iron per day.

Egg and Avocado | Food to Feed Baby Before Age One

Eggs are extremely good for your baby because they have high amounts of iron, folate, choline, and other high-quality proteins. You can boil, poach or scramble and use both the yolk and egg white. Avocado can be mashed with most fruits or vegetables. They provide potassium, fiber, and healthy fats to make your baby healthier and stronger.

It is important to make appropriate food choices for your baby during their first year of life. They grow fastest and a lot during this time, so you should feed them with a variety of healthy foods at the proper time. If you can make good eating habits for your baby during this early stage, they will have a healthy eating pattern for life. If you find us missing anything or have suggestions for other parents as well, leave a comment below. Thank you and see you soon.

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