Benefits of Quality Family Time

Benefits of Quality Family Time

Unfortunately in this day and age when most of us are working long hours, spending quality family time might be a bit of a challenge. However, this is very important. There is nothing wrong with chilling out or watching a movie together but – if possible – try to spend some time actively together as well every once in a while. Here we have collected 9 reasons as to why spending quality time with your family is beneficial for your children. 

Family Bonding

The most obvious benefit of quality time with family is bonding. Sometimes we tend to think that just because we live under the same roof it automatically means that we know everything about each other. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Spending time together is essential in order to actually get to know each other. Children and adults change over time, hobbies and interests come and go and there is so effective communication is key in order to be able to understand one another. Showing interest towards your kids’ hobbies is extremely important in order for them to feel understood and involved. 

Mental Health

Going out together on different adventures won’t be only beneficial for your kids but for you as well. A change of scenery time to time or just some time away from home can make a world of difference. Even if you just go to an unusual destination near your home for a few hours every once in a while can create a sense of adventure for all of you and help you create new memorable stories. Bring along your camera and take some pictures of your mini adventures too so you will have something to remember them by. 

Academic Achievements

Children who spend more quality time with their family tend to do better academically. Learning good communication skills from a young age can be extremely beneficial for their future. Praising children for their achievements and listening to their struggles can greatly boost their motivation to do better as well.

Bullying can be a huge issue in schools and now that the internet is widely available bullies can find their way into your homes too. Kids that find a good support team in their families tend to deal with difficult situations like that better and it’s more likely they will reach out when they need help if they have a strong connection to you. 


A child that feels loved will feel more worthy and it can help their confidence greatly. Spending time with your kids can make them feel special and important and you can help them develop a strong sense of self worth which is extremely important especially once they start going to school. 

Future Parenting Skills

Kids copy everything parents do. This is how they learn as they get older. Imitating parents behaviour and customs is extremely common and often translates into your children’s parenthood as well later on in their lives. It can be difficult sometimes but try to set a good example for your children and teach them how to become good parents later on by showing them how it’s done. Remember being a good parent is important but make sure you maintain a good and healthy relationship with your partner as well. 

Balanced Life

People in general are social creatures and even though some of us love spending time on our own it’s important to maintain a healthy social life. This is extremely important for children in order to learn crucial social skills and to avoid loneliness. Keep in mind that school nowadays can be an extreme source of stress especially for older children. Sometimes just having someone to listen to the hardships they have to face on a daily basis can make a world of difference and reduce stress levels. 

Behavioral Problems

Children act out for many reasons but one of the most common causes is to get attention. Kids often feel helpless, lonely and often pleas for help can fall to deaf ears especially if you lead a very busy life or work long hours. The little time they get to spend with you can often become superficial and they might feel neglected. Make sure you listen to your children and their needs as this encourages communication and can help to avoid behaviour problems later on in their lives.

Right Path

Especially as children get older they tend to put some distance between themselves and their parents as they slowly start their journey towards independence. This is completely normal but this road is often filled with disagreements and arguments. It’s important to stay open minded and make sure your children understand that no matter what you will be there for them. They can and likely will make some mistakes. It’s however important to teach them how to learn from these mistakes. Always encourage judgement free communication. 


Spending time together can definitely be difficult at times especially as children grow older and opinions can often differ which can result in fights or disagreements within the family. Sometimes the biggest fights can start off from miniscule issues and then escalate from there. These are great opportunities to teach children how to handle arguments, disagreements and how to grow together as a family. It’s important to teach children how to say sorry or show love to each other even when we are angry. What’s a better way to do this than show them yourself. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the healthy balance between dependence and a strong bond so make sure you teach independence and encourage your kids to do things on their own as well every now and then. Remind them that you are there to help no matter what however try to avoid solving their problems from them. It’s important that children learn how to fix their own mistakes but show them that they are not alone. 

Spending time together as a family can build a strong bond among parents and siblings that can give a huge advantage for children in the future. Having a strong support system can be a complete game changer for the whole family. 

Keep in mind that we are all different and what works for one family might not work for yours so give some time for yourselves to figure out what’s the best system that makes sense for all of you.

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