Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Review | Baby Gear

Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Review | Baby Gear

Spaceview S is a non-connected baby monitor with solid security tech and a great tool for traveling. The price of Eufy Spaceview is $149.99, which is a similar price with its competitors and offers many more great features than them. Let’s see what makes Eufy Spaceview a great choice through this review.


Eufy Spaceview Monitor comes equipped with nightvision technology, so the quality of pictures and videos remain clear when the lights are out. It can also track baby movement with the included lens, which helps expand the view to 110 Degrees. In addition, the lens can pan 330° to see from corner-to-corner and tilt 110° to see from floor to ceiling. Therefore, this can give you a full view of your baby wherever you put your camera. The camera also has a wide-angle lens for a more complete view of the room. The range of the camera is 460 feet, which is a little bit lower than a lot of other options.


The Eufy Spaceview has a large 5-inch 720p monitor display, which is bigger than most popular monitors on the market. It can show pictures with 10 times more detail than a common 240p display baby monitor. And the monitor has other basic features, including temperature display, two-way talk, and a zoom function. There is a kick-stand on the back, but its one side design makes it unstable on some surfaces.

Eufy Spaceview also has a feature called Continuous Audio Monitoring, with this feature you can turn off your screen and have audio still coming in so you can always hear from your baby. The Spaceview menu is easier to navigate than most baby monitors on the market. Everything is clearly label and easy to find.

The signal range of Spaceview is 460 feet, which is a bit lower than a lot of other options. However, it is reasonable for a radio-signal-based baby monitor.

It also has a sound alert, which helps to notify you when the baby is crying. However, the volume of the alert might be suitable if you’re a heavy sleeper and have trouble waking up with normal noise. But outside of that, it is way too much. It also puts a large graphic on the screen, which makes it a lot harder for you to see what’s happening in the room.

Suitable for Traveling

Eufy Spaceview is super easy to install Eufy Spaceview when traveling. There is no Wi-fi setup, no password or account login, you just need to plug it in.

The monitor has a large 2900mAh battery, which can last 7 hours with the display constantly on and can up to 17 hours in battery saving mode. This is great for us to leave it to unplug throughout the day and plug it in at night when we go to sleep.


The temperature display might have some errors if the firmware is not updated, which is not easy and it’s required you to contact customer support to get a link for a tutorial. If you can’t fix the issue by yourself after the tutorial, they will replace the unit.

The Verdict

For us, the alert and temperature issues aren’t really deal breakers. It has a lot of good features, including an HD video monitor, a long battery life, a good range, easy to use menu and a simple setup when traveling. All of these features of Eufy Spaceview Monitor make it a great buy for many parents, whether easy setup for traveling or more security with the radio-signal-based monitor.

Overall, it is a good and versatile product with a few places for improvement. Let us know in the comment below your thoughts on this product is and what you recommend for other parents as well.

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