How to prevent baby monitor hacking | Parent Guide

How to prevent baby monitor hacking | Parent Guide

In reality, we all know that nothing is entirely hack-proof. However, we want to give you some tips to keep things hack resistant at maximum safety for your family. And in this article, we will talk about how to prevent your baby monitor from being hacked.

As we start to see more people buying baby monitors for convenience, we also see the increase in camera hacking in the news. Even though they’re rare, you will be shaken up if it happens to your family. Fear not, our guide to preventing your baby monitor from being hacked is all you need!

Register your Device

If there are any security issues with your current monitor. The company may issue a recall or, perhaps an update to make it more secure. Either way, you won’t find out unless your device is registered. It’s important to register your monitor the moment you get it, just in case you forget about it.

Shut off your baby monitor often

Another way to get updates is to shut off your device. Doing so will allow your monitor to find any security patches and install them to fix any underlying security issues. We recommend shutting off your monitor at least once a week. It’s easy to do, just turn it off, wait 10 seconds and turn it on again.

Get an offline Monitor to Prevent Baby Monitor Hacking

If the camera is not connected to the internet, you’ll drastically decrease the risk of a hack. On the contrary, these monitors might lack the quality of having fewer features. However, from a security standpoint, these monitors are more difficult to exploit.

Create a Strong and Unique Password

You should create a long password with symbols and numbers. Having “1234” as your password may be more helpful, but it’s a risk.  It might feel inconvenient, but it will feel just as inconvenient for the hacker, who would mostly prefer an easy target. Also, if you have a Nest camera, you should enable two-factor authentication as it will add another layer of protection.

The Router can be a Problem

It is easy to blame your camera, but your router might have a higher chance to cause the problem as well. Whether or not you got it from a service provider or you bought on your own, you should take your time to change the default name and password of your network. Again, you should make a complex password and different from your camera’s password. The fact is a ton of cameras get hacked simply because they are not well customized, so it is important for you to do that. Moreover, you should update your router regularly. It will ensure your router has the latest features, good performance, and security settings.

Set a Firewall to Prevent Baby Monitor Hacking

A firewall is a layer of security between your home network and the internet. Most routers have it built in so you can enable it, or you can have other devices set up that firewall. Overall, make sure you have one or more. Not just for your camera, everything from credit card information to your browsing history will be vulnerable.

That’s all we got for you guys. If you find these tips helpful, please let us know in the comments below!

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