How will coronavirus affect your pregnancy?

How will coronavirus affect your pregnancy?

What you need to know about coronavirus (Covid-19), how can it affect your pregnancy or your newborn baby? In this article, you can find the things you need to do and prepare to protect yourself from this deadly virus.

Are you more likely to get coronavirus if you are pregnant?

There is no evidence of pregnant women having a higher chance of getting Covid-19. Moreover, According to WHO (World Health Organization), a healthy, young population, who have no underlying health condition, tend to have mild to moderate symptoms.

corona-virus affect on pregnancy

Take special precautions to protect you and your child

Pregnant women’s resistance is weaker than women who are not pregnant. Therefore, you will need to take special precautions to protect yourself and your child from Covid-19 and other viruses in general. These are basic tips to protect yourself from Covid-19. You should wash your hands carefully and frequently; avoid contact with people who have symptoms, including cough, fever, tiredness and difficulty breathing;

Don’t go to the public area if you don’t have to (include pubs, restaurants, events, cinemas, theater, etc.) and don’t move by public transport. Additionally, you should work from home if you can. Instead of going to the gym, you can do exercise outside, jogging or workout at home.

Don’t invite people home, have little to no contact to prevent the virus spread. Also, cancel meetings and reunions, you can do those activities after the pandemic ends.

Restricting going out – the antenatal appointments and scans included

You can still go to the antenatal appointments and scans, however, we recommend you to reschedule the appointment to a more suitable time instead of this chaotic moment.

Could coronavirus affect the unborn babies?

According to scientists and analysis, there has not been any evidence that coronavirus can pass to baby through the placenta. However, there is 1 case of a newborn baby, who got infected after birth. Therefore, you must be highly cautious in this situation.

There is also no evidence of increasing risk of miscarriage if the mother is infected.

Can coronavirus pass through breast milk? Should you breastfeed at the moment?

Until now, there are no records of babies, who got infected by Covid-19 through breast milk. However, Coronavirus is a new virus and scientists are learning about them. So we still need to have a high caution to reduce the risk of getting infected for us and our child.

If you have coronavirus yourself, you should not breastfeed directly with your child. Instead of that, you should perform these actions before breastfeeding your child: wash your hand carefully, wear a face-mask or use a pump or bottle. Also, remember to clean the pump and bottle carefully after each use.

Do new babies have a higher risk of getting coronavirus than adults and elders?

Unfortunately, there is still no statement or evidence about this. Therefore, new babies need to be highly protected for more insurance. You should avoid having visitors and protect yourself to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

You can learn more about coronavirus from here.

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